Tulsa’s Must-See Winter Attractions: A Guide

Tulsa’s Must-See Winter Attractions: A Guide

Discover the enchanting winter wonders that Tulsa has to offer. Embrace the season with our guide to this wonderful city’s must-see winter attractions.

1. Winterfest: Downtown Delights

Experience the magic of the season at Winterfest, where downtown Tulsa transforms into a winter wonderland. Glide across the ice rink, sip on hot cocoa, and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere.

2. Rhema Christmas Lights: Illuminating Nights

Don’t miss the mesmerizing Rhema Christmas Lights display, where millions of twinkling lights adorn the campus, creating a dazzling spectacle. Take a drive or stroll through the illuminated winter wonderland.

3. Philbrook Festival: Artistic Brilliance

Visit the Philbrook Museum during the winter festival, where the gardens come alive with captivating light displays. Marvel at the combination of art and nature in this unique winter setting.

4. Gathering Place: Winter Oasis

Even in winter, Gathering Place offers a delightful experience. The park’s vibrant landscape, combined with seasonal decorations, makes it a perfect spot for a winter outing.

5. Tulsa Botanic Garden: Winter Serenity

Explore the peaceful charm of Tulsa Botanic Garden during the winter months. The serene surroundings and occasional snowfall create a picturesque setting for a leisurely stroll.

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As winter blankets Tulsa, these attractions offer a perfect blend of festive cheer and serene beauty. Whether you’re enjoying the lights at Winterfest or the artistic brilliance at Philbrook Festival, Tulsa’s winter scene is not to be missed. Elevate your stay with b0arding, and check out our travel blog for more insights into winter travel.