Tulsa’s Must-See Summer Attractions: A Guide

Tulsa’s Must-See Summer Attractions: A Guide

Discover the vibrant charm of Tulsa in the summer, where a plethora of attractions await. Dive into our guide to the city’s must-see summer destinations.

1. Gathering Place: Riverside Oasis

Begin your summer adventure at the renowned Gathering Place, a riverside park offering a perfect blend of nature and recreation. From lush greenery to water features, it’s an oasis for summer relaxation.

2. Tulsa Zoo: Wild Summer Wonders

Embark on a wild journey at the Tulsa Zoo and encounter fascinating creatures from around the globe. Summer is the ideal time to explore the zoo’s diverse exhibits and attend exciting animal encounters.

3. Woodward Park: Botanical Beauty

Escape to the tranquil beauty of Woodward Park, where stunning gardens and blooming flowers create a serene atmosphere. Stroll through the pathways and immerse yourself in the botanical wonders.

4. Philbrook Museum Gardens: Artistic Retreat

Experience the intersection of art and nature at the Philbrook Museum Gardens. The lush gardens surrounding this historic villa provide a picturesque backdrop for cultural exploration.

5. Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness: Scenic Hiking

For outdoor enthusiasts, Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness offers scenic trails and breathtaking views of the Arkansas River. Hike, bike, or simply unwind in this natural haven.

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As summer unfolds in Tulsa, these attractions beckon with diverse experiences. Whether you’re seeking a riverside oasis at Gathering Place or exploring the wild wonders of Tulsa Zoo, the city offers a perfect summer escape. Elevate your stay with b0arding, and check out our travel blog for additional summer travel inspiration.