Top St. Louis Halloween Attractions

Top St. Louis Halloween Attractions

Get ready for spine-chilling adventures in St. Louis with these top Halloween attractions. From haunted houses to eerie events, experience the thrills and chills of the season.

The Darkness: A Haunting Experience

Enter The Darkness, a haunted house that takes fear to a new level. With elaborate sets and terrifying actors, it’s an immersive journey into the unknown.

Transitioning to a ghostly garden.

The Garden’s Ghostly Gala: A Mystical Evening

The Missouri Botanical Garden hosts the Ghostly Gala, a Halloween event where the gardens come alive with enchanting lights and spooky surprises.

Venturing into the supernatural.

The Lemp Mansion: Haunted History

Visit The Lemp Mansion, known for its haunted history. Join a ghost tour to explore the eerie tales and mysteries surrounding this historic site.

Heading to a spooky street.

St. Louis Halloween Parade: A Spectacle of Scares

Attend the St. Louis Halloween Parade for a spectacle of scares. From elaborate floats to costumed participants, it’s a vibrant and spooky celebration.

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Embark on a haunting journey through St. Louis’s top Halloween attractions. From The Darkness to the Ghostly Gala, immerse yourself in spooky delights. After your frightful escapades, find comfort with b0arding’s commission-free accommodations.