Top Savannah Halloween Attractions

Top Savannah Halloween Attractions

Savannah, with its rich history and eerie charm, becomes even more enchanting during Halloween. Experience the spookier side of this beautiful city with our guide to the top Halloween attractions in Savannah.

1. Savannah Ghost Tours

Dive into the supernatural with a ghost tour. Explore the historic district at night and listen to chilling tales of spirits that still roam the streets.

2. Bonaventure Cemetery Tours

Made famous by the novel “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” Bonaventure Cemetery offers haunted tours. Discover the stories behind the restless souls in this beautiful yet eerie location.

3. Pirates’ House

Pirates’ House is a historic restaurant with a ghostly reputation. Enjoy a meal while keeping an eye out for the apparitions that are said to inhabit the building.

4. Haunted Pub Crawls

Savannah’s haunted pub crawls combine eerie tales with local brews. Enjoy a spooky, yet entertaining, evening with friends.

5. Sorrel-Weed House

The Sorrel-Weed House is renowned for its hauntings. Take a guided tour and learn about the tragic stories connected to this mansion.

6. Savannah Hauntings Tours

Savannah Hauntings offers a range of tours focusing on different aspects of the city’s history and paranormal activity. Explore the chilling stories that make Savannah unique.

7. Zombie Paintball Hayride

For a more active Halloween experience, take a Zombie Paintball Hayride. Shoot at zombies and try to survive the apocalypse.

8. Savannah Fear Factory

Venture into the Savannah Fear Factory, an annual haunted house attraction that offers intense thrills and terrifying experiences.

9. Historic Haunts Tour

Discover the history and haunts of Savannah on a Historic Haunts Tour. Learn about the city’s darker side and explore its haunted locations.

10. Savannah’s Halloween Riverboat Cruises

For a different kind of experience, enjoy a Halloween-themed riverboat cruise. Dance, dine, and enjoy the eerie ambiance on the water.

These attractions make Savannah a Halloween destination like no other. Immerse yourself in the spooky stories and enchanting history of this captivating city. Make your stay in Savannah even more memorable by finding the perfect accommodation on b0arding.

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