Top Maui Halloween Attractions

Top Maui Halloween Attractions

Halloween in Maui is an enchanting experience with a tropical twist. From family-friendly festivities to spooky soirées, the island offers a range of attractions to make your Halloween memorable.

Lahaina Halloween Party

Lahaina’s Front Street comes alive with the Lahaina Halloween Party. It’s a family-friendly event with a costume parade, live music, and plenty of treats. The picturesque setting adds a unique charm.

Halloween in Lahaina

For a more grown-up Halloween experience in Lahaina, check out “Halloween in Lahaina.” It’s a night of costumes and festivities, with live music and contests. Wander along Front Street and soak in the spooky spirit.

Makawao Third Friday Halloween

Makawao’s Third Friday celebration takes on a Halloween theme in October. It’s perfect for families, featuring costume contests and live entertainment. The charming town’s boutiques and eateries make it an ideal spot for trick-or-treating.

Night of the Vampire at Dracula’s Castle

For something unique and spooky, head to “Dracula’s Castle” for the “Night of the Vampire.” This thrilling event takes place at a historic castle and features vampires, ghosts, and a creepy graveyard.

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Maui offers a unique Halloween experience that combines tropical beauty with spooky fun. Don’t miss out on these fantastic Halloween attractions.

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