Top 10 Things to Do in Charleston during Winter

Top 10 Things to Do in Charleston during Winter

Charleston, South Carolina, is not only a summer destination. The city comes alive with unique charm in the winter months. Here are the top attractions to explore during your winter visit:

1. Holiday Festival of Lights

Experience the magic of the Holiday Festival of Lights at James Island County Park, where millions of twinkling lights and themed displays create a winter wonderland.

2. Historic Downtown Walking Tour

Stroll through the historic streets of downtown Charleston. The city’s rich history is just as captivating in the winter, minus the summer crowds.

3. Waterfront Park

Visit Waterfront Park and enjoy the crisp winter air while taking in the beautiful views. The pineapple fountain is always a charming sight.

4. Fort Sumter National Monument

Explore the Fort Sumter National Monument, where you can learn about the city’s role in the Civil War. Winter offers pleasant weather for this historical outing.

5. King Street Shopping

King Street remains a shopper’s paradise. Discover unique boutiques and find great deals during the winter sales.

6. Charleston Tea Garden

Tour the Charleston Tea Garden and see how tea is made. The cooler weather is perfect for strolling through the tea fields.

7. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Wander through the enchanting Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. Winter blooms add vibrant colors to the scenery.

8. Angel Oak Tree

Marvel at the ancient Angel Oak Tree, which is just as impressive in the winter months, and capture stunning photos.

9. Folly Beach

Embrace the peacefulness of Folly Beach in the winter. Take a quiet walk along the shoreline or watch the waves roll in.

10. Cultural Events

Don’t miss Charleston’s cultural events, including the annual MOJA Arts Festival and the Charleston Wine + Food Festival.

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