Short Day Trip Ideas from Boston

Short Day Trip Ideas from Boston

Boston is the perfect hub for exciting day trips. Explore these fantastic destinations just a short drive from the city.

1. Salem, Massachusetts

Visit the Salem Witch Museum and dive into the eerie history of the Salem witch trials. Explore historic streets and enjoy a day filled with captivating stories.

2. Cape Cod

Discover the natural beauty of Cape Cod. Relax on pristine beaches, visit charming seaside villages, and savor some of the best seafood in the region.

3. Newport, Rhode Island

Explore the opulent Newport Mansions and take a stroll along the Cliff Walk to witness stunning ocean views and Gilded Age architecture.

4. Plimoth Plantation

Step back in time at Plimoth Plantation, a living history museum where you can interact with Pilgrims and Native American interpreters.

5. Lexington and Concord

Relive the opening battles of the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord. Visit historical sites like the Minute Man National Historical Park.

6. Marblehead, Massachusetts

Experience the charm of a quintessential New England town in Marblehead. Wander along the picturesque harbor and visit its historic Old Town.

7. Walden Pond

Embrace nature at Walden Pond State Reservation, where Henry David Thoreau found inspiration for his transcendentalist writings.

8. Rockport, Massachusetts

Enjoy the scenic beauty of Rockport, known for its art galleries, charming streets, and the iconic Motif Number 1 fishing shack.

9. Plymouth, Massachusetts

Explore Plymouth to see Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II, a replica of the famous ship.

10. Providence, Rhode Island

Discover the vibrant arts scene and delectable cuisine in Providence. Stroll along the riverfront and enjoy the WaterFire art installation.

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