Salt Lake City’s Must-See Fall Attractions: A Guide

Salt Lake City’s Must-See Fall Attractions: A Guide

As the vibrant hues of fall paint Salt Lake City, immerse yourself in the seasonal charm with these top attractions.

1. Red Butte Garden: Nature’s Fall Canvas

Begin your fall journey at Red Butte Garden. Witness the transformation of foliage into a breathtaking symphony of reds, oranges, and golds.

Moving on to the iconic Big Cottonwood Canyon.

2. Big Cottonwood Canyon: Majestic Fall Foliage Retreat

Explore the grandeur of Big Cottonwood Canyon. Revel in the stunning fall foliage, with golden aspens and crisp mountain air.

Transitioning to the historic Trolley Square.

3. Trolley Square: Autumnal Shopping Retreat

Indulge in fall shopping at Trolley Square. The historic charm combines with seasonal sales, offering a delightful shopping experience.

Venturing into the spooky Nightmare on 13th.

4. Nightmare on 13th: Halloween Chills and Thrills

As Halloween approaches, visit Nightmare on 13th for spine-chilling haunted attractions, a perfect blend of fright and fun.

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Summarizing Salt Lake City’s Fall Delights:

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