Pet-Friendly Itinerary While Visiting New York City

Pet-Friendly Itinerary While Visiting New York City

Planning a trip to NYC with your furry friend? Discover the best pet-friendly activities the city has to offer!

Dog-Friendly NYC Activities

Central Park Adventures:

Morning: Start the day with a stroll through Central Park's designated dog-friendly areas.

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Exploring Dog Parks:

Mid-morning: Head to Washington Square Park's dog run or the Tompkins Square Park dog park for some off-leash fun.

What Are the Most Expensive and Affordable Areas to Stay in New York City?

Consider Brooklyn, Queens, or Upper East Side for more affordable pet-friendly accommodations.

Dog-Friendly Attractions:

Afternoon: Explore the pet-friendly High Line or visit the Brooklyn Bridge Park with your furry companion.

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Outdoor Adventures:

Late Afternoon: Walk along the Hudson River Park or take a ferry to the dog-friendly Governor's Island.

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Day 2 - More Pet-Friendly Fun:

Morning at Cafe Dog:

Morning: Start with a pet-friendly brunch at one of NYC's many dog-friendly cafes, like Boris & Horton.

Exploring Pet Stores:

Afternoon: Visit pet stores like Petco or Unleashed by Petco for pet-friendly shopping experiences.

Evening at Dog-Friendly Restaurants:

Evening: Dine at pet-friendly eateries like Shake Shack or Barking Dog Restaurant.

In New York City, you and your furry friend can enjoy a myriad of pet-friendly activities and explore the city together.

Personalize your itinerary to match your pet's preferences, ensuring a tail-wagging experience in the bustling city of New York!