Pet-Friendly Exploration in Anchorage: A Pawsitively Perfect Itinerary

Pet-Friendly Exploration in Anchorage: A Pawsitively Perfect Itinerary

Pet-Friendly Breakfast at The Sourdough Mining Company:

   Start your day with a pet-friendly breakfast at The Sourdough Mining Company. Their outdoor seating allows you to enjoy a delicious meal with your furry companion.


Hike at Glen Alps Trailhead:

   Head to Glen Alps Trailhead for a morning hike. The scenic trails offer a great outdoor adventure for both you and your pet, with views of the Chugach Mountains.


Playtime at Russian Jack Springs Park:

   Visit Russian Jack Springs Park for some off-leash playtime. The park has designated areas for dogs to roam freely and socialize.


Dog-Friendly Lunch at The Peanut Farm:

   Enjoy lunch at The Peanut Farm, known for its dog-friendly patio. Treat your pup to a bowl of water while you savor your meal.


Visit Pet-Friendly Shops in Downtown Anchorage:

   Explore pet-friendly shops in downtown Anchorage, such as The Ulu Factory or The Kobuk, where your pet may receive a warm welcome.


Relax at Delaney Park Strip:

   Take a leisurely stroll at Delaney Park Strip, a pet-friendly green space. Enjoy the open areas, and perhaps have a picnic with your furry friend.


Pet-Friendly Breakfast at Black Cup:

   Start your day with a cozy breakfast at Black Cup. They offer outdoor seating where your pet can join you while you sip on your coffee.


Visit Anchorage Market and Festival:

   Explore the Anchorage Market and Festival. While pets may need to be on a leash, the lively atmosphere and diverse stalls make for an enjoyable outing.


Trails at Kincaid Park:

   Head to Kincaid Park for a mid-morning walk or hike on the pet-friendly trails. The park's expansive natural beauty provides a serene environment for you and your pet.


Dog-Friendly Lunch at The Sourdough Mining Company:

   Return to The Sourdough Mining Company for another pet-friendly lunch. Their outdoor seating is perfect for you and your furry companion.


Alaska Aviation Museum (Outdoor Area):

   Explore the outdoor area of the Alaska Aviation Museum. While pets may not be allowed inside, the exterior exhibits and views make for an interesting visit.


Relax at Westchester Lagoon:

   Wind down at Westchester Lagoon in the afternoon. This scenic spot offers a peaceful setting for you and your pet to enjoy the outdoors.


Dinner at The Peanut Farm:

   Conclude your pet-friendly day with dinner at The Peanut Farm. The outdoor seating is pet-friendly, allowing you to share a meal with your four-legged friend.


Dog-Friendly Movie Night at Bear Tooth Theatrepub:

   If your pet is comfortable with crowds, catch a dog-friendly movie night at Bear Tooth Theatrepub. This unique cinema experience allows you to enjoy a film with your pet by your side. 


Anchorage offers a variety of pet-friendly activities, ensuring that both you and your furry friend can have a memorable and enjoyable visit to this Alaskan city.


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