Money Hacks When Traveling to Boston

Money Hacks When Traveling to Boston

Traveling to Boston can be an exciting adventure, and with a bit of planning, you can make the most of your trip without breaking the bank. Here are some money-saving tips to ensure you have a fantastic time in this historic city.

1. Use the “T” Public Transportation

Pros: Boston’s subway system, known as the “T,” is affordable and convenient. It covers most of the city, making it easy to navigate. You can buy a CharlieCard or CharlieTicket for discounted fares.

Cons: During rush hours, it can get crowded, and you might have to stand. If you’re traveling with a group, individual tickets can add up.

2. Walk and Bike

Pros: Boston is a very walkable city with many attractions in close proximity. Renting a bike is also a great option with services like Bluebikes available.

Cons: Weather can be unpredictable, and walking or biking may not be ideal on rainy or extremely hot days.

3. CityPASS or Go Boston Card

Pros: Consider getting a CityPASS or a Go Boston Card if you plan to visit multiple attractions. You can save big on admissions.

Cons: You need to visit a certain number of attractions to make these cards worthwhile, so plan your itinerary carefully.

4. Free and Low-Cost Attractions

Pros: Boston offers various free attractions, such as the Freedom Trail, Boston Common, and the Public Library. Enjoy these without spending a dime.

Cons: While there are plenty of free things to do, some of the city’s most famous attractions come with an admission fee.

5. Food Truck Dining

Pros: Boston is known for its diverse food truck scene. Enjoy delicious meals without the high restaurant prices.

Cons: Limited seating might mean eating on the go. It’s a trade-off for lower prices and quick service.

6. Water Taxi and Ferries

Pros: When exploring areas near the harbor or islands, consider using the Boston Harbor Islands ferry. It’s a unique and scenic mode of transportation.

Cons: These services can be seasonal and may not be ideal for land-based sightseeing.

7. B0arding Accommodations

Pros: Booking accommodations through b0arding ensures you’ll find cost-effective lodging options without service fees.

Cons: None! It’s a win-win for your wallet and your travel experience.

By following these money hacks, you’ll have a memorable time in Boston without draining your budget. Make the most of your stay and explore Boston to its fullest.

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