Kid-Friendly Itinerary while Visiting St Louis

Kid-Friendly Itinerary while Visiting St Louis

Are you planning a family vacation to St. Louis? Look no further for family fun in the Gateway City! St. Louis is brimming with family things to do, kid-friendly attractions, and a plethora of exciting adventures to make your trip memorable. So let’s dive into the “Kid-Friendly Itinerary while Visiting St Louis”!

Exploring the St. Louis Zoo

One of the must-visit St. Louis attractions for families is the world-renowned St. Louis Zoo. It’s a fantastic place for a day of fun and education. Your kids will be delighted by the diverse array of animals, including penguins, elephants, and giraffes.

Gateway Arch Adventure

Make sure to include a visit to the Gateway Arch, an iconic symbol of St. Louis. Take the tram ride to the top and enjoy the breathtaking view of the city. It’s a thrilling experience your family won’t want to miss.

Family Fun at the City Museum

For an interactive and imaginative adventure, head to the City Museum. It’s an urban playground like no other, featuring mazes, tunnels, and slides that will keep your children entertained for hours.

Magic House – A Haven for Kids

The Magic House is another gem for kid-friendly things in St. Louis. It’s an interactive children’s museum where young minds can explore, learn, and have a blast. Hands-on exhibits and creative activities make it a perfect family destination.

Explore the Butterfly House

If your little ones have a fascination with butterflies, visit the Butterfly House in Faust Park. It’s a serene environment with stunning gardens and thousands of colorful butterflies fluttering around.

Forest Park Adventures

Spend a day at Forest Park, a sprawling green space with a myriad of attractions. You can visit the St. Louis Science Center, St. Louis Art Museum, and the St. Louis History Museum, all in one location. It’s an excellent way to combine education and family fun in St. Louis.

Discover the Saint Louis Science Center

The Saint Louis Science Center is an exciting place for kids to explore the wonders of science. With interactive exhibits, a planetarium, and an IMAX theater, it’s a delightful learning experience.

Don’t Forget the Muny

If you’re in St. Louis during the summer, consider attending a performance at The Muny. It’s the nation’s largest outdoor theater, and the kids will love watching a live musical under the stars.

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