Eco-Friendly Attractions in Savannah

Eco-Friendly Attractions in Savannah

Savannah is not only famous for its historic charm but also for its commitment to preserving the environment. Explore the eco-friendly side of this beautiful city with our guide to the top eco-friendly attractions in Savannah.

1. Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is a lush, green oasis in the heart of Savannah. With its extensive walking paths and open spaces, it’s a perfect spot for picnics and leisurely strolls. Don’t miss the iconic Forsyth Fountain.

2. Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens

Discover the natural beauty of Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens. Explore various themed gardens and learn about sustainable gardening practices and the importance of native plants.

3. Savannah Wildlife Refuge

Savannah Wildlife Refuge is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Observe diverse bird species, alligators, and other wildlife in their natural habitat while exploring the refuge’s eco-friendly trails.

4. Earth to Table Farm

Savannah’s Earth to Table Farm is a sustainable and educational experience. Learn about organic farming, sustainable agriculture, and how to reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying farm-fresh produce.

5. Oatland Island Wildlife Center

Oatland Island Wildlife Center is dedicated to the protection of native wildlife and their habitats. Visit the center to get up close with animals, explore hiking trails, and learn about their conservation efforts.

6. Skidaway Island State Park

Skidaway Island State Park offers serene surroundings and eco-friendly activities like hiking, birdwatching, and nature photography. Explore salt marshes, forests, and observe local wildlife.

7. Dolphin Tours on the Georgia Coast

Take an eco-friendly dolphin tour on the Georgia Coast. Learn about the local marine ecosystem, including dolphins and other aquatic life, while enjoying a boat ride.

8. Green Truck Neighborhood Pub

Enjoy a meal at Green Truck Neighborhood Pub, a restaurant known for its commitment to sustainability. Savor delicious, locally-sourced, and eco-friendly meals.

9. Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens

Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens showcase sustainable horticulture practices. Explore diverse plant collections, including bamboo, and learn about their efforts in sustainable landscaping.

10. Kayaking Tours on Coastal Waterways

Experience the beauty of Savannah’s coastal waterways through eco-friendly kayaking tours. Paddle through salt marshes and tidal creeks while enjoying the natural splendor.

Savannah offers a wealth of eco-friendly attractions that connect you with the environment and promote sustainability. Enjoy your stay in this beautiful city even more by finding the perfect accommodation on b0arding.

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