Charleston’s Must-See Spring Attractions: A Guide

Charleston’s Must-See Spring Attractions: A Guide

As spring blossoms in Charleston, the city comes alive with vibrant colors and cultural events. Explore the top attractions to make the most of your visit:

1. Middleton Place

Embrace the beauty of spring with a visit to Middleton Place. Discover blooming camellias, azaleas, and stunning garden landscapes.

2. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Admire the breathtaking sights of Magnolia Plantation and Gardens as flowers and wildlife come to life during the spring months.

3. Charleston’s Historic District

Wander through the charming Historic District, where springtime offers pleasant weather for exploring historic streets and hidden courtyards.

4. The Charleston Tea Garden

Savor the flavors of spring at The Charleston Tea Garden. Take a guided tour to learn about tea production while surrounded by fields of tea plants in full bloom.

5. Waterfront Park

Enjoy the gentle spring breeze at Waterfront Park. Take in the scenic views of the harbor and relax by the iconic Pineapple Fountain.

6. Middleton Oak

Visit the famous Middleton Oak, a 500-year-old tree, and have a delightful picnic underneath its sprawling branches.

7. Festival of Houses and Gardens

Don’t miss the Festival of Houses and Gardens, an annual event offering exclusive access to some of Charleston’s most exquisite gardens and historic homes.

8. Morris Island Lighthouse

Take a boat tour to Morris Island Lighthouse for a unique spring adventure and stunning coastal views.

9. Cypress Gardens

Explore the enchanting Cypress Gardens, famous for its swampland boardwalks and blooming water lilies.

10. Angel Oak Tree

Marvel at the majestic Angel Oak Tree, a symbol of natural beauty and resilience, as its sprawling branches provide shade for a relaxing spring outing.

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