Charleston 4-Day Itinerary

Charleston 4-Day Itinerary

Charleston, a city brimming with historic charm, delicious cuisine, and picturesque landscapes, offers an unforgettable experience over four days. Here’s your perfect 4-day itinerary:

Day 1: Historic Charleston

1. Morning: The Battery and White Point Garden
Begin your journey at The Battery, where historic mansions and oak trees line the waterfront promenade. Stroll through White Point Garden for stunning views.

2. Afternoon: Rainbow Row & Waterfront Park
Explore the vibrant hues of Rainbow Row and then relax at Waterfront Park, home to the iconic Pineapple Fountain.

3. Evening: Dining at Husk
Savor a delightful dinner at Husk, a renowned restaurant offering a modern twist on Southern classics.

Day 2: Plantations & Gardens

4. Morning: Magnolia Plantation & Gardens
Experience the lush beauty of Magnolia Plantation with its blooming gardens, lakes, and historical tours.

5. Afternoon: Middleton Place
Visit Middleton Place, a stunning plantation featuring magnificent gardens, a house museum, and an on-site restaurant.

6. Evening: Shem Creek Dining
Dine at one of the waterside restaurants at Shem Creek to relish fresh seafood while watching the sunset.

Day 3: Exploring Charleston’s Islands

7. Morning: Visit Sullivan’s Island
Head to Sullivan’s Island for a relaxing beach day and a glimpse of Fort Moultrie’s history.

8. Afternoon: Lunch at Isle of Palms
Enjoy lunch on Isle of Palms before lounging on the sandy shores.

9. Evening: Folly Beach & Morris Island Lighthouse
Catch a colorful sunset at Folly Beach and then embark on a boat tour to see the Morris Island Lighthouse.

Day 4: Cultural Exploration

10. Morning: Charleston City Market
Wander through the bustling Charleston City Market, filled with local crafts, art, and sweetgrass baskets.

11. Afternoon: Fort Sumter
Take a ferry to Fort Sumter, a historic site where the Civil War began.

12. Evening: King Street Shopping
Stroll down King Street for some retail therapy and dine at one of the charming bistros.

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