Aspen Family Fun: A Kid-Friendly Adventure

Aspen Family Fun: A Kid-Friendly Adventure

Day 1: Outdoor Adventures and Playtime


8:00 AM - Breakfast at Main Street Bakery:

   - Start the day with a family-friendly breakfast at Main Street Bakery. They offer a variety of options suitable for all ages.


9:30 AM - Aspen Recreation Center (ARC):

   - Head to the Aspen Recreation Center for a morning of family fun. Enjoy the pools, water slides, and various activities for kids.


12:00 PM - Picnic at Rio Grande Park:

   - Pack a picnic lunch and head to Rio Grande Park. Let the kids play on the playground while you enjoy a relaxing lunch.


1:30 PM - Aspen Ice Garden:

   - Visit the Aspen Ice Garden for a family ice-skating session. Rentals are available, and it's a great activity for all skill levels.


3:00 PM - Explore Wagner Park:

   - Wander around Wagner Park, located in the heart of Aspen. It's a perfect spot for kids to run, play, and enjoy the outdoors.


6:00 PM - Dinner at CP Burger:

   - Head to CP Burger for a casual family dinner. They offer a kid-friendly menu with burgers, shakes, and more.


Day 2: Nature Exploration and Family-Friendly Eateries


9:00 AM - Breakfast at Hickory House:

   - Enjoy a hearty breakfast at Hickory House, known for its family-friendly atmosphere and delicious options.


10:30 AM - Smuggler Mountain Trail:

   - Take a family-friendly hike on the Smuggler Mountain Trail. It offers scenic views and is suitable for various fitness levels.


12:30 PM - Lunch at Little Annie's Eating House:

   - Head to Little Annie's Eating House for a laid-back lunch. Their menu includes options for kids, and the casual atmosphere is perfect for families.


2:00 PM - Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES):

   - Explore the Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES). It offers interactive exhibits, nature walks, and educational programs for kids.


4:00 PM - Sundeck Play Area:

   - Take the gondola to the Sundeck on Aspen Mountain. While enjoying the views, let the kids play in the designated play area.


6:30 PM - Dinner at Jimmy's:

   - Conclude your kid-friendly adventure with dinner at Jimmy's. This family-friendly restaurant offers a diverse menu, including options for young diners.



- Check for family-friendly events or activities happening in Aspen during your visit.

- Pack essentials like sunscreen, water bottles, and comfortable shoes for outdoor activities.

- Be flexible with the schedule to accommodate the energy levels and interests of the kids.


This kid-friendly itinerary ensures a mix of outdoor adventures, playtime, and family-friendly dining, making your visit to Aspen a memorable experience for the whole family. Enjoy your time in this picturesque mountain town!



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