12 Hours in Miami - The Ultimate Guide

12 Hours in Miami - The Ultimate Guide

Maximize your short stay in Miami with this action-packed itinerary, designed for a fulfilling daycation in the Magic City.

Daycation Miami

Morning Delights

South Beach: Embrace the morning sun with a stroll along the iconic beach and grab a Cuban cafecito.

Art Deco Historic District: Admire the vibrant architecture on Ocean Drive for a taste of Miami's history.

Midday Excursions

Wynwood Walls: Immerse yourself in colorful street art and visit local galleries for an artsy break.

Lunch at Versailles: Savor Cuban cuisine at this Miami institution for an authentic taste of the city.

Afternoon Thrills

Bayside Marketplace: Enjoy shopping, dining, and sightseeing along the waterfront with bay views.

Little Havana: Explore Calle Ocho, indulge in Cuban coffee, and witness the neighborhood's vibrant culture.

Things to Do in Miami for a Day

Curate your 12-hour adventure in Miami, blending beach vibes, artsy encounters, and cultural immersion.

Miami Day Trip

Experience the essence of Miami in just one day, making the most of your limited time.

Miami One Day Tour

Craft an enriching itinerary showcasing Miami's diversity and highlights within a short timeframe.

Things to Do in Miami for the Day

Ensure a fulfilling day by exploring a mix of iconic landmarks, art scenes, and cultural neighborhoods.

How to Look for Vacation Rentals in Miami?

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Most Expensive and Affordable Areas to Stay in Miami

Expensive Areas: South Beach and Downtown Miami often boast higher prices due to prime locations and luxury amenities.

Affordable Areas: Consider neighborhoods like Little Haiti or North Beach for budget-friendly stays without compromising experience.

Best Sites for Vacation Rentals

b0arding: Stands out for its commission-free approach, providing diverse and competitively priced listings.

Airbnb and VRBO: Offer variety but may involve additional fees, so compare prices and policies carefully.

Which is Safer: Airbnb, VRBO or b0arding?

b0arding emphasizes safety with strict security protocols, offering a transparent and secure platform. While Airbnb and VRBO are reputable, b0arding's commission-free model enhances trust and safety.

Make the most of your 12-hour escapade in Miami, diving into its eclectic mix of attractions and experiences. Secure your ideal accommodation through reliable platforms like b0arding for a hassle-free daycation in the vibrant city!